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You need a change.

You're frustrated by your dog's behavioral problems and you know that your relationship could be so much more. Or worse, these issues are affecting your quality of life and your relationships with others.

We understand how it feels to work with a dog who is barking, biting, pulling on the leash, and doesn't seem to listen to what we say. Many of our clients have struggled with their dog not being welcome at gatherings.

With decades of experience and having supported many hundreds of dog people, Working Canine Club provides you with the courses and community that you need to develop the training skills and relationship with your dog that you dream of.  

And the time is now.

Join Working Canine Club and start training today to see success.

Millions of dogs are given up each year and behavioral problems are usually to blame. Others stay with their owners but spend many hours locked up or alone because of how they act.

But we aren't here just for the dogs. We are here for you.

Creating change might feel impossible, and there may be a part of you still hoping your dog will outgrow this behavior. Because that is unlikely, but we know that training takes commitment, we have set up a structure to support you along the way. 

It's time to strengthen the behaviors in your dog you want, to feel good about the relationship you have, and to love your life together. 

It's time to live your best life with your best friend. 

So join the club!

We noticed that most of our clients had already taken puppy classes or paid expensive trainers to help them, but still struggled with their dog's behavior. We noticed that for many of them, breakthroughs not only happened during the process of training but in the sharing of stories and asking of questions. And in 2020, amidst numerous personal and professional losses, we experienced the power of community firsthand, as we were bolstered and blessed through it. 

THIS IS WHEN IT CAME TOGETHER. With each service puppy, we met with others every week for 2 years to socialize, get feedback, and train. The inconvenient truth is, dogs aren't trained in 6 or even 12 weeks, and most of the work happens outside of class. But the great news is, you have what it takes, and you don't have to do it alone.

When you join Working Canine Club, you can access resources and the support of others to develop your habit of dog training on your own time, over the course of a year (or more, if you choose). 

Whether you are raising a pet in an apartment and want to confidently navigate city streets without your shoulder getting dislocated by leash pulling, or you are raising an assistance dog and want them to calmly and comfortably hang out under a restaurant table, this is for you.

Your steps to success:

1. Join the club by getting started in this Mighty Network.

2. Use the courses and activities to work with your dog. Engage with others to give and receive support.

3. See the change in your dog's behavior and your relationship together. Celebrate it and enjoy it, because it's what you were meant for.

We'll see you inside!

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