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Life is best with a *well-behaved* dog by your side.

A rugged adventure, lively gathering, or a relaxed evening at home are all better with your best friend. 

Whether you're raising your dog as a companion pet or assistance animal, the process is often more than people expect. To get your pup comfortable and confident navigating our human world, learning how to act at home and in public makes all of the difference. 

While months of puppy classes are important, most of the work actually happens outside of class. 

To build the habit of training, you need structure and support.

With decades of experience and having supported many hundreds of dog raisers, Working Canine Club provides you with online courses and a community to develop the training skills and relationship with your dog that you dream of.

Fortunately, training can be fun and usually only requires short sessions at a time.

We provide you with weekly training activities so that you can spend your energy working with your dog instead of thinking about what to do next. 

Our video courses empower you to work through the material at your own pace and on your own schedule, while our monthly live Q&A and class sessions allow for a more interactive experience. 

Best of all, being in Working Canine Club means getting to learn and train alongside other fantastic people who are raising dogs- so we can share our experiences and ideas and grow together!

Join the club!

Whether you are raising a pet in an apartment and want to confidently navigate city streets without your shoulder getting dislocated by leash pulling, or you are raising an assistance dog and want them to calmly and comfortably hang out under a restaurant table, this is for you.

Teach or strengthen the behaviors you want in your dog, improve your relationship, and love the life you have together.

Live your best life with your best friend.

Your steps to success:

1. Join the club by choosing a membership plan below!

2. Use the courses and activities to work with your dog. Engage with others to give and receive support.

3. See the change in your dog's behavior and your relationship together. Celebrate it and enjoy it, because it's what you were meant for.

We'll see you inside!

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